Sword Price Fighters Kit

  SWORD PRICE FIGHTERS FENCING – Protective Kit. Following two statements (see below) from British Fencing I would like to remind our members, that as an Associate body of British Fencing and in addition to our own safety guidelines we are bound by British Fencing’s safety guidelines. Also all our members have a duty of care to ensure that any fencing, which takes place under their supervision, is done safely. 
Philip Bruce President  

SUSPENSION OF SWORD PRICE FIGHTER EQUIPMENT 7th May 2011 BRITISH FENCING STATEMENT FURTHER TO NOTICE 06.05.2011 Based on further advice received after the Board’s notice yesterday, British Fencing has suspended the use of this protective equipment whilst further enquiries are made, by the British Fencing Safety Committee, as to its fitness for purpose.  

BRITISH FENCING STATEMENT ON PROTECTIVE KIT 6th May 2011 BRITISH FENCING STATEMENT At the British Youth Championships (BYCs), the DT made a decision not to accept protective equipment* from SWORD PRICE FIGHTERS FENCING for that specific event. The decision was made by the DT with the appropriate delegated authority to make decisions for that specific event and time only. DT made this decision with the information they had to hand and only in the interests of young fencers’ safety. The DT also organised for equipment to be borrowed for those fencers who had turned up with this equipment. British Fencing has asked its Safety Committee urgently to seek future assurances from Sword Price Fighters that its equipment fully complies with relevant safety standards. British Fencing has asked the Safety Committee also to provide appropriate and urgent guidance for Competition Organisers; and to recommend further steps to be taken by British Fencing, clubs, event organisers, etc, to secure safety of equipment and clothing for fencers, acknowledging appropriate legal and insurance advice.
British Fencing  *masks were allowed following a check by British Fencing Armourers