Coaching Curriculum

Course Officer: Jackie Redikin

Coaching Documentation

To assist coaches in the pursuit of coaching qualifications and in improving their own abilities, the Academy supplies the most comprehensive range of coaching documentation available in the world. The Standing Subcommitte for Technique and Terminology continually produces and re-evaluates this material so as to provide the most up to date advice possible and continually seeks to expand the range of material available.

All our publications are available from the course officer and every attempt is made to keep prices at a minimum.  To order, please use the order form below

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A Compendium of the Theory and Practice of Teaching and Coaching Fencing

Produced in honour of Leon Hill MBE, this volume incorporates all the texts below, with additional material for all levels of the BAF Proficiency Awards, the Standard for Coaching Examinations and much more.

Coaching Documentation:

  • Glossary of Terms
  • Translation of Fencing Terms in Four Languages
  • Key Teaching Points (Foil)
  • Key Teaching Points (Epee)
  • Key Teaching Points (Sabre)
  • Key Coaching Points (Foil)
  • Key Coaching Points (Epee)
  • Key Coaching Points (Sabre)
  • Teaching/Coaching Tactics

Examination Questions

A CD-Rom (curently un-available), which contains all the examination questions, documentation and procedure for examinations etc is now available and may be ordered from the Course Officer.