BAF Roll of Honour

President of Honour Prof. L. Hill 

President Emeritus Prof. P. Bruce (2017)

Honoured Former President Prof. D. Austin (2003)

Gauthier Trophy:

Prof. I. Bruce-Combes (2017)
Prof. P. Bruce (2013)
Prof. L. Hill (2009)
Prof. P. Stewart (2005)
Prof. M. Joseph (2001)
Prof. Z. Wojciechowski (1997)
Prof. B. Pitman (1993)
Prof. R. Goodall (1989)
Prof. A. Moldovanyi (1985)
Prof. R.H. Bracewell (1981)
Prof. R.J.G. Anderson (1977)

Honorary Membership:

Mrs E. Pitman M.B.E. (2004)
Dame M. Glen Haig D.B.E. 
Dr. Z. Czajkowsk 

Life Membership:

Prof. P. Bruce (2017)
Prof. T. Etchells (2011)
Prof. P. Pearson 
Prof. M. Joseph 
Prof. A. Moldovanyi 
Prof. K. Pearson 
Prof. J Sanders 
Prof. K. Wren 
Prof. V. Cassapi 
Prof. G. Ganchev 
Prof. L. Hill (2009)
Prof. P. Stewart (2005)
Prof. Z. Wojciechowski (1997)
Prof. B. Pitman (1993)
Prof. R.H. Bracewell (1981)

Long Service and Outstanding Service:

Prof. L. Hill (2005)
Prof. A. Moldovanyi (2005)
Prof S. Ridley (2005)
Mrs J MacLardy (2004)
Mrs. P. Carter (2002)
Prof. R.H. Bracewell (2001)
Prof. T. Etchells (2001)
Prof. R. Goodall (2001)
Prof. P. Pearson (2001)
Prof. M. Joseph (2000)
Prof. B. Pitman (1999)
Prof. D. Austin (1999)

Distinguished Service:

Prof. T. Etchells (2002)
Prof. A. Goodall (2002)
Mr. K. Kingham (2001)

BAF Honorary Diploma – Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Fencing for Stage & Screen:

Andrew Wilkinson for outstanding Contribution to the Art of Theatrical Theatrical Fencing for Stage & Screen

Sir Anthony Hopkins for work on Zorro (1998)
Eric Roberts for work on By The Sword (1991)
F. Murray Abrahams for work on By The Sword (1991)

Brian Pitman Memorial Award:

Mr. Chris Green (2017)
Mr. Anthony Klenczar (2010)
Mr. I. Aberdeen (2009)
Mr. D. Jerry (2008)
Mr. B. Matless (2007)
Mr. N. Gregory (2006)
Mr. G. Griffin (2005)

Award of Merit Pupil’s Success:

Mrs. Dominique Szokolovics (2017)
Mr. D. Sweeney (2007)
Mr P Baron (2004)
Mr N Chapman (2004)
Maitre d’Escrime D. Hunt (2004)
Maitre d’Escrime P. Wright (2002)
Mr. D. Sach (2002)
Prof. S. Benney (2002)
Prof. Z. Wojciechowski (2001)
Maitre d’Escrime M. Matthews (2001)
Prof. N. Brown (2001)
Prof. N. Golding (2001)
Prof. P. Northam (2000)
Prof. P. Stewart (2000)
Prof. N. Golding (2000)
Prof. S. Benney (1998)

Allstar UK:

Dr I. Combes (2006)
Mr. J. Harris (2005)
Mr D Jerry (2004)
Mr N Jeager (2003)

Award of Merit:

Prof P. Cormack (2011)
Mrs W. Hubble (2010)
Prof. R. Merry (2005)

Award of Merit, Golden Swords:

Prof. D. Austin (1999)
Prof. R. Goodall (1999)
Prof. A. Goodall (1999)
Mr. A. Wilkinson (1999)

Award of Merit, Artistic World Championships. 2000:

Mr. A. Wilkinson (2000)