Equivalent Awards

While, in the interests of choice and opportunity, the BAF respects and supports alternative coaching schemes and their awards, we do not offer ‘mirror’ certificates at any level . This is in keeping with policies of  most traditional examination bodies from GCSE to the highest level of academic qualification.

Holders of other qualifications who wish to obtain BAF certificates  are welcome to do so by taking one of our exams at the appropriate level. It is NOT required to attend a BAF coaching course or receive any official BAF training, however, such courses will be beneficial, details can be obtained from our Course Officer.

The exams consist, at Levels 1 – 4 of giving a short practical class lesson,  and an individual lesson based on three elements of : routine lesson, the demonstration of a set group of strokes and a short individual lesson on a specific series of strokes and/or theme.  At Level 5 (Diploma), the exam is similar but the individual component includes two individual lessons.  Total time at Levels 1 – 4 is approximately 1/2 hour and at Level 5 (Diploma), the exam is closer to an hour in length.  All exams include a written test.

We are very happy to provide the candidate with any information or guidance he or she needs concerning the exam and the standards that will be needed to pass. 

Foreign nationals planning to attend BAF courses with a view to taking our qualifications are required to obtain permission from the presidents of their own Academies and to inform the President of the BAF accordingly in advance of attending the course.

BAF Membership

Holders of non BAF coaching awards may be accepted for membership only at the discretion of the committee.

Any holders of non BAF coaching awards who have any questions, doubts or uncertainties about obtaining qualifications in our system or about joining the Academy are urged to get in touch with the President of the Academy.  We are very happy to help you and to answer any questions you may have.

Each enquiry will be treated in the strictest confidence.