BAF Level 5 (Diploma)

The Academy’s highest award is primarily concerned with a candidate’s ability to coach strokes and topics within a group or subject. The candidate should be of sufficient standard to give exercises, which form the basis for developing and improving a fencer’s theoretical, technical and tactical ability, within the confines of the stroke(s), topic or subject being examined. In contrast with the Advanced Award the candidate is required to deal with multiple strokes, topics and or subjects whilst focusing on one or more of the following topics:





Rhythm / Changes of Cadence

Continuity Hitting

Competitive situations

Simple and or Compound Reaction

Teaching and Coaching

What supporting documentation is there available?
– A syllabus and list of questions

– Key Coaching Points for all of the weapons

– Guide to Teaching and Coaching Tactics

– A Glossary of Terminology

– Foreign Language equivalents of English Terminology