Who can organise a coach education course?

Any member of the Academy may organise a coach education course. However, it is recommended that a Master or Maître d’Escrime (weapon specific) staff the course.

Do I need to inform the Academy’s Course Officer that I am organising a course?

It is not essential, though as a matter of courtesy and to prevent clashes, you should keep the Academy’s Course Officer informed. As such, your course will be automatically included in all of the Academy’s advertising announcements.

Is there any time of year I should avoid?

Yes, you are advised to consult the Academy’s calendar of courses and should avoid clashes with the Academy’s residential Summer course.

What level of course can I organise?

The Academy actively encourages courses to take place from Initial through to and including Diploma awards. However, those courses culminating in examinations have certain limitations (ref. Examinations).

Can I attend a residential course in the capacity of a coach tutor?

Yes, the Academy encourages and is constantly looking for more coach educators/tutors. If you are either a Master or Maître d’Escrime, then you should contact the Academy’s Course Officer.

Who can attend coach education courses?

Academy coach education courses are open to all fencers and coaches (certain age restrictions may apply).

Is there any funding available from the Academy?

A limited amount of funding is available, on a first come first served basis. Those wishing to apply should send their request together with a detailed budget proposal to the Course Officer.

Is there any Academy coach education supporting documentation available?

Yes, the Course Officer holds a stock of Academy published material, which is available to both candidates, course tutors and examiners.


As a course director/organiser/tutor, can I organise an examination at the end of my course?

No, you must apply to the Course Officer.

As a course director/organiser/educator, can I appoint a board of examiners?

No, you should contact the Course Officer who will arrange for the required number of examiners.

Does the Initial Coaching award require an examination?

No, the award is achieved, through a means of assessment, by either a BAF Master or a Maître d’Escrime (weapon specific) or a Provost Member or an Advanced Qualified Coach (weapon specific) assisted by the holder of a BAF Level 3 Coaching Award (weapon specific).

Can I organise Advanced and Diploma Practical examinations?

It is normal practice for Advanced and Diploma examinations to take place at the end of the Summer Course. However, under exceptional circumstances, which are accepted by the Committee, Special Examinations may be held. The course educator/tutor should note that:
a. the Committee reserve the right to refuse permission to hold such examinations
b. the candidate(s) must meet the full cost of Special Examinations

How long before an examination must I inform the Course Officer?

You should contact the Course Officer as soon as possible, regarding your requirements. However as a minimum, you should contact the Course Officer no later then 30 days prior to the examination.

Is there any time of year I should avoid?

Yes, from January 2004, examinations will not be sanctioned within the period 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the Academy’s official course (traditionally held during the Summer).

Who can take Academy examinations?

Examinations are open to all fencers/coaches over the age of 18 years who are either a member of the Academy or the British Fencing Association.

How does an examination candidate apply for a practical examination?

Candidates are required to complete an application form, duly signed by his/her sponsor, which should subsequently be presented to the Examination Organiser, together with the Examination Fee, before the start of the examination.

How do candidates apply for the written examination for the Advanced and Diploma awards?

First the candidate must have passed the appropriate practical section of the examination. Then the candidate may apply to the Course Officer, who will arrange:
a. an examination at a time and place convenient to the candidate
b. a suitably qualified invigilator

How do I become an Examiner?

In the first instance, you should contact the Course Officer and request to become a “trainee examiner”. It is necessary that you become familiar with all the Academy’s documentation relating to examinations, available from the Course Officer for a nominal cost.

Documentation which available.

All documentation relating to the Academy’s examinations, procedures and conduct are available from the Course Officer at a nominal cost. This is highly recommended for examiners, course tutors and candidates.

For further information contact: Course Officer.