Brian Pitman Memorial Award

The Brian Pitman Award is presented at the discretion of the Academy Committee to a fencing coach who has demonstrated particular skill in the promotion and/or development of the sport of Fencing for groups of young people under the age of 18.

The award will take the form of a permanent trophy to be presented to the recipient at the Annual Dinner of the Academy.

Nominations should be made in writing, to the Secretary of the BAF, by the last day of October immediately preceding the Annual Dinner at which the Award is to be presented. Such nominations should include a summary of the work of the nominee that would qualify him/her for the Award.

In their consideration of the nominees for the Award, the Committee will place particular importance on the work of the nominees in the development of fencing and/or the promotion of participation and enjoyment of fencing for young people.

Members who have shown innovation in the teaching/coaching of young people from one or more of the following categories would be strong contenders for the Award.

  • Young people with learning difficulties
  • Physically handicapped young people
  • Young people from deprived areas
  • Work in state schools
  • Work with Voluntary Organisations

For more details contact the Members Representative.