BAF Level 1

BAF Level One

An introductory award designed for those who wish to begin to teach fencing. Candidates who successfully reach the required standard should be able to take absolute beginners – either singly or in small groups – and to teach them the basic strokes of fencing.

Who is it aimed at?
– Those who are 18 or over and who wish to start to teach/coach

– Those currently without qualifications

– Those wishing to broaden their fencing knowledge

What are the requirements?

– Basic fencing knowledge

– A desire to learn and acquire skills and knowledge

Where do I go for the training?
– To your a local coach with a knowledge of the BAF Coach Education System and/or

– To a weekend coaching session (recommended) and/or

– To a formal residential course (attendance at a residential course is not compulsory)

How do I get qualified?
– By passing an assessment by a BAF Master or a Maître d’Escrime (weapon specific) or a Provost or an Advanced qualified coach (weapon specific) assisted by the holder of a BAF Level 3 Coaching Award (weapon specific)

– The time and place of the assessment can be arranged by mutual agreement between you and the assessor

What will I learn?
– Fencing terminology

– The basic skills of a coach necessary to give the correct openings and conditions for a variety of fencing actions

– How to conduct class and individual lessons

– The key teaching points associated with basic fencing movements

– Health and Safety Information

How long is the course?
– The length of the course is variable to suit yourself, your circumstances and ability

– When you or your coach think you are ready ask for an assessment to be set up

What do I get when I pass?

– A certificate from the BAF

– You are then eligible to apply for membership of the BAF as an ‘Associate of the Academy’. The BAF is an Internationally recognised coaching organisation.

– Associates of the Academy enjoy a number of benefits including insurance cover for coaching activities, discounts on Academy courses, receipt of the Academy Newsletter.

What supporting documentation is there available?

– A syllabus and list of questions

– Key Teaching Points for all of the weapons

– A Glossary of Terminology

– Foreign Language equivalents of English Terminology