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    BAF Committee

    The Management of the Academy is in the hands of its officers and committee. These officers and committee members are appointed each year at the Annual General Meeting. Position details are available below.


    PresidentProf. Peter Northam
    Vice PresidentProf. Andrew Vincent
    Vice PresidentProf. Graham Stretton
    SecretaryMaître Jackie Redikin
    TreasurerMaître John Worsley


    Assistant SecretaryMaître Donald Walker
    Members RepresentativeAdam Blight
    A Member of the Academy
    (elected at the AGM)
    Prof. Tony Middleton


    International SecretaryVacant
    Proficiency Award AdministratorMaître Donald Walker
    Course OfficerProf. Tony Middleton
    Chairman of the SSTTProf. Andrew Vincent
    Exam Results CoordinatorProf. Andrew Vincent
    Membership SecretaryMaître Stefan Leponis
    Academy News Editor(Vacant)
    WebmasterJohn Northam (non-member)

    Standing Sub-Committee for Technique and Terminology (SSTT)

    The SSTT is responsible for the settlement of any disputes which may arise concerning Technique and Terminology. This sub-committee is responsible for maintaining and supervising the Syllabuses of the Academy Examinations and Proficiency Awards and makes recommendations to the Committee concerning any necessary changes in the Examination Systems of the Academy. The Chairman of this Sub-Committee is appointed by the Committee.

    Disciplinary Sub-Committee

    The highest Professional Standards are demanded of all members of the Academy and a Disciplinary Sub-Committee exists to deal with any written complaint received by the Academy about any of its members. Fortunately such complaints are extremely rare.

    Coaching Courses

    Coaching courses for the career path qualifications are organised and run throughout the year by the Academy. The Academy runs an Official Residential Course each year in the Summer, staffed by highly qualified, experienced and well-motivated Academy Coaches. There are also individually organised courses run by Academy Masters. Details are always available on request from the Course Officer.